Skills, mindset, natural ability. There are lots of qualities that determine success, but one that takes priority above all is the art of discipline.
Research carried out in 2013 by Wilhelm Hoffman found that people with high self-control are happier than those without.
Discipline is the number one trait required to achieve success, be that in your career, business or relationship. Self-discipline is the ultimate formula for leading a healthy, happy and successful life.
Below are some top tips for improving your self-discipline:
1. Eat regularly – Studies suggest that low blood sugar weakens a persons determination, when you’re not fully nourished your concentration suffers. Your brain stops functioning at its peak potential, and focusing becomes difficult.
Plan your meals ahead and stop your concentration being distracted by your growling stomach and let it be fully focused on the tasks at hand.
2. Schedule timeouts and rewardsTry the Pomodoro technique (Read previous blow about it here), small breaks every 20 minutes can help your concentration and produce more focus.
Once tasks are completed reward yourself with treats, this could be spa days, cheat food once a week (Not daily) or a splurge at the shops (Don’t use the credit card).
3. Remove the temptation – If you struggle with food, remove the temptation. Don’t keep any of the bad food in your home, if its social media, download software blockers that only allow an allocated time each day.
You know the saying, out of sight, out of mind!
4. Just do it – Quite often change feels uncomfortable, this is due to an old habit that takes priority over the decision making process.
Much of the time we operate on autopilot, so if it feels weird, just see it through and give it some time to form. Change won’t happen overnight.
Get started on these four tips and begin your process to a stronger self-discipline.