We all face problems in life, in business and our career, it’s how we deal with these issues that shape our future. Like anything the world, namely the media pumps out to us, problems have been given a bad rap, we try to avoid them, and live a carefree life.

Here’s the PROBLEM with a carefree life… It doesn’t exist, simply put, unless you have problems you’re not moving forward, and if you’re not moving forward, guess which direction you’re moving? You got it, backwards, nothing can stay still, maybe for a while it can but eventually, it will move, and unless you’re moving with it, you will get left behind.

We see many great examples of this around us, look at technology for starters, MySpace stopped innovating and stopped moving forward and quickly came unstuck when the new more innovative player stepped into their space. Where is MySpace now?

Nokia, once the juggernaut of the mobile industry, Blackberry, Blockbuster video, HMV…. All these companies have seen devastating impacts on their business because they stopped innovating, ceased to facing new problems, and stopped moving forward.

Don’t be a Nokia or Blockbuster… Problems are good; you need problems, you need more problems, just better quality ones. Problems like you have too much work, problems like your offices are too small, problems like your workshop venue can’t hold all the people attending.

Understand whatever problem you have, in nearly all of the cases someone will be available to help solve it.

The freelancer market is booming, and I can see this continuing to develop into someone even bigger in coming years, and as more and more people strive for location independence, to work while travelling, even wired in while sat on a beach become more the norm, someone is always on hand to give a hand.

Sites like Fiverr and People Per Hour offer countless opportunities to outsource some of your workload, which in turn allows you to find more better quality problems. Don’t fear to take on too much, fear not having problems.

Have I missed anything? Have your say below…