21 Day Challenge


21 Days 1-2-1 with me
  • Find your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and price point. Learn about the Apple marketing approach ‘Ready Fire, Aim’.
  • Learn how to set effective financial goals you can actually hit, and how you go about hitting them.
  • Cold calling scripts that work, and systems that will smash your career & business through the roof.
  • Complete domination, discover how to dominate, sell, and scale like facebook & twitter.

PLEASE be warned, this challenge is only for people who want to increase their income, blow up their career or business, and are fully commited to growth.

Are you up for the challenge?

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    What’s Included?
    Daily personal emails from Jon for the 21 day challenge.
    21 videos of Jon helping you through the journey each and every day.
    The official 21 day challenge workbook created and used by Jon.
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