blog-follow-upI write this blog as much for you as I do for myself, you see to earn any great monetary success in life and business you need to become a pro at follow-up.

Nothing will bring success in such great volume as when you get outstanding at follow-up, in fact the expert sales person is not the one with the best chatter, or who’s the expert talker, but the ones who becomes a professional stalker.

I realised after 15 or so years in business that the real secret to building a successful business is not about great service, or having the best product (Although these are hugely important). The secret to building a successful business is being relentless at following up with people.

So I write this blog as a reminder to not only myself, or to the countless clients I coach and mentor. But, also to everyone else who is still finding it tough to make ends meet, to everyone who is working ridiculously hard, to everyone who is honest, trustworthy and ambitious YET still can’t work out why things aren’t working out.

This blog is the final ingredient that’s been missing from your arsenal, the fuel to your rocket-ship, the true source to exploding your life and business.

Are you ready? Then, let’s roll!

From all the clients I have worked with over the years, not a single one of them haven’t increased their sales and profits when applying a better follow up system.

Here’s some reasons why don’t we follow up more?

  • Fear of rejection
  • Appearing desperate
  • Don’t want to seem pushy
  • Don’t believe in your product

And while it maybe a combination of all these, each of us have different reasons why we don’t follow up.

Whichever reason you feel resonates best with you, remember that it’s all about mindset, and the only real person who holds the real voice is your prospect. Don’t YOU make a decision for them, that’s their job. Your job is to keep following up with them until THEY have made that decision.

This blog post is actually some snippets from a book I’m working on, leave me a comment if you enjoyed it or if you would like to see more on this topic.