One of the constant challenges I see businesses face, (be that start up or mature) is they never seem to have the money to do what they want. Especially in my industry, now I could give some cute lines such as “If you don’t invest in YOU, how can you expect anyone else” and I have used that line (many times). 

Or maybe “You’re not saying no to me, you’re saying NO to your dreams, your family and your business goals” and admittedly, these lines do work…

But the real root of this issue is largely down to the value they perceive in what is offered. Like most things in life, people want to see proof before they commit, however, anyone who’s made a real impact and made a change will tell you this.

You need to commit before you see the proof!

And the ugly truth is this, the ones who say they cant afford it, are the ones that need help the most. I know, I have been there! I hate to think what I have spent over the years on coaching, mentoring, seminars, workshops and other self help programs. But the benefits given to me have always been greater than the cost, and even if you don’t feel you picked up much, the lesson also has value.

Many struggle to make the transition from self employed to business owner, sure they set up a Ltd company, and call themselves Managing Director, but they act very much like a self employed person. In fact, in most cases they act like they’re still employed.

I often ask my clients how many ways do they believe there is to make money, and the answer is always the same… ‘Hundreds, maybe even thousands’ To which I reply, there is only TWO ways to make money.

1.) People at work or 2.) money at work!

And most people are running around being the person who’s at work, the reason most cant afford the things they truly want is because they’re still trapped in the employee/self employed mentality that they have to do all the work.

When you start to move away from this limited way of thinking, and start thinking more like a business you can move away from the financial restrictions that most find themselves in.

So my statement to YOU is this, DON’T wait to get a mentor or that business coach. You will never find a right time, commit to it today and create the proof that you need to see. Don’t wait to see the proof before you commit!

Investing in YOU pays the best interest you will ever receive, so why wait! Surround yourself with mentors, surround yourself with positive driven people.

You’re probably familiar with the John Rohn quote ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” but you also earn the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

I recall a study that was conducted on cyclists, when the cyclist was timed going round a circuit they was actually faster when they did it with others compared to when they went round the track solo. So be sure you surround yourself with great people.

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