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3 reasons why the customer isn’t always right?

Anyone and everyone will have heard of the saying ‘The Customer is always right’. But how many times have you had to grit your teeth, or silently remind yourself of this phrase, knowing its actually you that’s right!

The term originally coined around 1909 by Selfridge founder Harry Gordon Selfridge in a bid to persuade customers that the service offered is great. But what is the damaging effect this well-known mantra has on your business and team.

1. Not all customers are right for your business
I remember having this issue with a client from one of my other businesses; the issue was that no matter what you gave them, or how much you went out of your way, they were never satisfied. They truly believed in the phrase that ‘the customer was always right’, rather than the expert knowledge, and time tested experience we provide, as a result doing it their way, equals no results.

In the end it’s better to ask these customers to find another service provider, the hassle isn’t worth the hustle. But strangely very satisfying for you as a business to let them go.

2. Faster Horses
If the customers were always right, back when Henry Ford was first making cars. If he asked the customer what they wanted, they would have told him faster horses.

Much of the time customers don’t even know what they want, so how can they be right? Try finding out what problems the customer faces, then sell the solution.

3. It makes staff unhappy
While the customer is an important cycle of your business, so are your staff. And unhappy staff is not good for your customers, your business, or productivity.

By living by the rule that ‘The customer is always right’ in essence means everything you ask your staff to provide is undermined by the customer. You suffocate the ability of your team to handle complex situations, and to get creative.

Take a leaf out of multi-millionaire and business guru Sir Richard Branson’s book ‘Business needs to put its people first – and watch them put the customers first’

The thing you really need to remember here is you’re the pro, not the customer. This is not about you beating them, or them being allowed to beat you. This is about what will get the customer the best results, because that’s what matters.

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