If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

3 tips to use that will 10 times your life:

One of the greatest tips I can give anyone is this “Always be learning” really try and learn something new everyday, I sign up for email alerts from anyone and everyone I find interesting, I constantly have videos or audio books playing while Im working, and I read lots. I am just one big sponge…

One particular email I received really got me thinking, and the power of the following can really set you life, you business, and you finances on fire.

Times everything you are looking to do by 10. Seriously, just stop for a minute and think about this… 10 times you goals, 10 times the time spent with loved ones, ten times the financial earnings, 10 TIMES THE LIFESTYLE.  Then ask yourself, is this 10 times rule really that unachievable?

You have to be set to do the extraordinary, work 10 times harder, move ten times faster. Actually one of the great quotes from Facebook is ‘Move fast and break things’. Really take charge of your life, then charge at it with all barrels not just blazing, but melting and glowing!

Let me break this down a little, you may remember one of my previous blogs posts about the 10,000 hour rule, well what about if you could reduce this time. (just so you know, 10,000 hours is 1250 days or almost 5 years).

So what if you applied the 10 times rule like so:

You’re the first one in work.
The last one leaving.
Your goals are 10 times everyone else’s.

Really start to thing big, bigger than you ever thought possible. Everything you have ever thought about, times it by ten, then go at it full speed, full capacity!

Have you ever noticed people move out of the way for people on a mission, think about that when you strolling through the shopping centre or the park, anyone with purpose who comes by, people just step to the side.  You need to be that person with purpose.

So heres my 3 top tips to 10 times your lifestyle:

1. Stop pacing things
We have been told over time to slow down and pace ourselves, Nope! Speed up…

If you make 5 sales telephone calls a day, increase this to 50 (or find a way on how to increase this to 50)
I remember back to my cold calling door to door days, where a guy in my office used to always come back with big results, he wasn’t the smartest, he wasn’t the best dressed, he didn’t talk the best spiel. All he did different to everyone else was see more people.

2. Work harder
Whatever your original goal was, times it by 10 and also bring forward by the 10 the amount of time if will take you to achieve this goal.

Elon Musk says “Work like hell, just put in 80 – 100 hour weeks. If everyone else is putting in 40 hour weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour weeks, as long as you’re doing the same thing, you will get their in 4 months as opposed to everyone else who will take a year”.
You don’t need to be a workaholic, but you need to be the hardest working person you know. First in, last out!

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t”

3. Push the limits
Just because someone says it can’t be done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Roger Banister was told the 4 minute mile couldn’t be done, but he achieved it. We live in a world where things that people once thought could never be done, are being done everyday. Change the way you think about limits, the main reason we have limits is because we follow other people. People with lesser work ethics, people with bad habits, and people who are not worth copying.

If you want to live the good life, follow people who live the good life, if you want to increase your earnings from £50,000, follow someone who’s earning £500,000. Stop following bad examples!

Don’t tip toe through life hoping you will make it safely to death, you don’t have a contract to live forever. What ever you want to achieve in life, go and do it now, but do it with pace, and do it ten times faster, and ten times the volume.

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