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Hey ūüĎč

When building my coaching business, I knew that if I could get leads, 2 things would happen.

  1. I knew I would convert a large percentage of the leads into paying customers. (Because I knew what to say and had a rock-solid sales script). 
  2. That I can help my clients build a business wildly successful business (because I know how to get them to focus on the right things that will move the needle).

What I needed to learn in the beginning was how to get the leads. 

I tried many things, but the one thing that made the biggest impact differed from what most people tell you. 

  • I was told that I needed to go to business networking
  • I was told that I should post on social media¬†
  • I was told that I should advertise
  • I was told that I should be patient¬†
  • I was told to let synchronicity play its course

In the beginning, I couldn’t wait for synchronicity to play its part, I couldn’t afford to be patient, I had little money to advertise, social media annoyed me, and networking took too long.¬†

Everyone told me that I shouldn’t sell at networking.¬†

Instead, I should bring referrals and wait to get them returned. 

I didn’t like any of this, so I decided to go in a different direction, something I often found myself doing.¬†

If everyone were zigging, I would usually be the one zagging!

I started by writing a list of people who could afford to pay me for my services. Next, I wrote a list of people I would enjoy working with from the first list. 

Then I cross-referenced both lists and created a third list of people who could afford me, who I enjoyed working with and whom I knew I could help.

With this new list, I researched what they wanted (Not what they needed. Everyone was selling what they needed). 

I wanted to sell them what they wanted and then educate them on what they needed.

I researched what stopped them from getting the things they wanted and considered, if I were them, where would I go for answers…

You guessed it, Google. 

So, I started writing blogs that were optimised for this list.

I created approximately 30 lead magnets (read more about lead magnets here), and I embedded the lead magnets in each of the blogs I wrote.

I shared my blogs to help my ideal customers get what they wanted across social media, on my YouTube channel, and my Podcast and added it to my email signature.

Over the coming months, my inbox started receiving leads.

Every day, new leads came in, and every day, these leads turned into meetings, and the meetings turned into paying customers. 

This cost me zero ad spend, no time travelling to networking meetings or paying memberships. I wasn’t under pressure to produce referrals for my network, and the results were in my hands.¬†

This is the schedule I created: 

  1. Create one new lead magnet each month (sometimes per quarter). But something better than what other competitors were charging for. I was giving it away for free. 
  2. Commit to writing a minimum of one new blog post each week (minimum).

This schedule filled my pipeline with 70 -100 leads every month.

My only regret was that I didn’t take advantage of software that helped my content creation sooner.¬†

Software such as:

  • SEMrush
  • Google Analytics
  • Headline Studio¬†(to create SEO-friendly blog titles)

And now we have ChatGPT and a whole bunch of AI tools to make this process better and quicker.

My best advice is to start now. 

Don’t wait for your ducks to be in a row.¬†

Action equals information. Use it, adjust it and go again. 

Chat next week


P.S. Need some help with this? Click here to book a free, no-obligation call. 

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