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Hey 👋 

This week I want to ask you something…

But before I do, I’m going to share with you how I grew my coaching business when I first started.

And this same strategy can be applied to any business.

You ready?

First, I wrote a list of people/industries that could afford to pay me the fees I wanted. 

I then broke the list down by asking myself:

a.) Would I enjoy working with this list?

b.) Does this list WANT help?

c.) Can I help?

This gave me a really clear audience, what is often referred to as your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Second, I chose just one product to help my ICP get what they wanted. It was tempting to keep inventing new offers and products, but that would be difficult to sell.

So, I created one coaching package that I knew would help my ICP get what they want.

Third, I created a lead magnet. Something free with massive value – it was a video series that outlined the challenges most of the ICPs I was prospecting faced and how they could fix it.

This did a number of things:

1. It builds trust

2. It positions me as the expert

3. It grew my email newsletter list to 7K+

The lead magnet had a powerful call to action (CTA) at the end, which helped convert the leads into paying customers.

Fourth, I choose a way to get attention and drive traffic to my lead magnet. I tried lots of things at the start. 

Such as:

– Tradeshows / Exhibitions

– Business Networking

– Speaking Gigs

– Workshops

– Events

I found it hard to scale any of these because I couldn’t control them. (I did get business from all of them, so they do work).

I decided to focus on content marketing and pledged to write a blog post every week, make daily videos and post on social media.

Fifth, which was probably the hardest of all, I had to be patient!

I remembered a quote I once heard which stated the following:

“There is a time to sow and a time to reap, but you can’t do both in the same season.”

I took away from this message the importance of giving things time and staying committed to your goal.

This process built my business; it helped me make an impact on the clients I worked with, and it paid me very, very well.

I want to give this strategy to you.

Here’s what I want to ask you, which I mentioned at the start of this email… 

Next month (which is only a few days away), I’m going to work with a handful of private clients on lead generation, conversion and implementing the systems mentioned in this email.

Would you like to work with me?

Chat soon 


PS – I’m only looking to work with around 5 people. Let me know.

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