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When I ran my monthly workshops (BC – Before Covid), one of the frameworks I taught was called ‘The PSP Method’.

Before I explain this method, let me tell you why I created it…

Have you ever been to a tradeshow, networking, or just met someone and asked,

‘What do you do?’

And their response made you wish you hadn’t asked!

Or after they explained, you were still no wiser…

This is why ‘The PSP Method’ exists.

In short it’s a way to communicate what you do clearly, and here’s how it can be used: 

– Sending Email Campaigns

– At Networking Events

– Trade Shows

– Copywriting

– Any Event

You can use it anywhere you communicate with someone. 

Here’s what The PSP Method framework looks like

People rarely care about anything that doesn’t help them thrive or survive, and this isn’t by choice; it’s hardwired instinct.

The brain is pre-loaded with the ability to scan for things that will help you thrive or survive. If what you’re receiving doesn’t satisfy these needs, its command is to switch off.

With this in mind, that’s why The PSP Method is so powerful…

It begins with a problem, and the brain is scanning for problems.

Next, it offers a solution to these problems. The brain likes this because it’s a way you can survive.

Finally, it ends with a payoff, and the brain loves this because it’s a way to move from surviving to thriving. 

The next time someone asks what you do, use The PSP Method to explain…

• Problem – What problems do your customers face

• Solution – What solution do you offer

• Payoff – What will happen after your solution

Here’s an example: 

Hey, I’m Jon, 

You know, in my line of work, most business owners I speak with struggle with 3 things. 1. Getting Consistent Leads2. They hate selling, and 3. Feeling like an imposter. [PROBLEM]

So I created a client-getting process called ‘The Flywheel System’ [SOLUTION]

This helps my clients get leads every day and paying customers every week, which gives them a bulletproof mindset. [PAYOFF]

Try using The PSP Method in your business presentations and watch how people nod along in agreement instead of looking at you with that Labrador head cocked to the side vacant gaze. 

Chat next week


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