If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

A true success formula you need to know about:

I don’t believe that some secret sauce is lurking in the shadows, a secret that when discovered will blow up your life, business or career. I do know this:

If you don’t have a plan and work super hard, you will not get the things in life you desire. Sure many will say work smarter not harder, but why not just do both? Work smarter and harder!

I’m also aware of how important the right mindset is in creating success in all areas of your life, I’m somewhat a practitioner when it comes to mindset, but willpower alone will not be enough to conquer your journey.

Nor will hard work, if you work ridiculously hard, work smart and think positive, this still doesn’t guarantee success in your chosen venture.

However, understanding these three areas described below, will not guarantee a successful life, but will ensure you’re on the right path to success.

Firstly before I expand on them, realise success is different for everyone, many think of money as a sign of success. And if the matters to you, then good, others consider freedom success, others may just like the security that they can do whatever they want (within reason) as a sign of success.

The biggest issue many face is they hold off on being happy until success arrives, something I have repeatedly said for years is this.

‘You don’t become happy once you’re successful, you become successful once you become happy’.

So here are the three things you need to understand, and once learned will assist you on your journey to a happier, more successful life.

No.1 Demand
This is the demand for your product, service or offering, now the demand in most cases is already there, so you most likely will have little control over this.

An excellent way to find the demand for your product is to use the Google keyword planning tool, explore how many people are actually searching for your product, if the numbers are high, chances are there is a significant demand for what you do.

Also, cross reference this search with Google trends is this product still in high demand or are the stats showing a decline. Understanding the need will assist you massively in moving forward.

No.2 Ability

Now you have full control over this, it’s your ability to do the job, deliver the product or service and at what level your capabilities sit.

To be known as an authority in your chosen field, you need to be a practitioner of this area, not just your product, but the entire industry.

Everyone starts somewhere, and this maybe your first rung on the ladder, but don’t ever stop learning, sharing and practising your product. After the newbie comes the expert, then the authority, you may even become a celebrity based on your ability to get the job done.

No.3 Replace

How difficult it becomes to replace you will ultimately determine how success you can be in a chosen field. We all know that everyone is replaceable, but some are just very difficult to replace.

It’s the ones who’s difficult to replace who do the best, make all the money and catch all the breaks. Be your best, be better each day, and be hard to replace.

So how do you put all this in practice? You simply plan as efficiently as possible, know your market, know your product, know your target audience and push into the areas that have the greatest demand.
Learn constantly, never stop learning, always try and do better that the last time you did the job. Give more than you get, and eventually, you will get more than you give. 

Master your industry, your product and share what you know, become known in your industry as an authority, one who others go to for help or advice.

And make it super hard to be replaced, if you plan effectively, become super knowledgeable, and apply yourself daily, but trying to better your yesterday version, you too will become a force to be reckoned with, and someone who becomes super difficult to replace.

I find that for many it’s only a handful of things they’re doing wrong that’s causing the majority of the issues in their life, it’s like a reverse of the Pareto principle (The 80/20 rule).

Rather than gaining 80% of your business from 20% of your clients, 20% of your effort is causing 80% of the issues.

A little tweak to the 20% and you see massive changes in your life. If you need a hand with these 20% changes, book a free success call with me and let’s look at how we can change this. BOOK A CALL TODAY

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