If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Are you a player, or a spectator?

I recall back to one of my training sessions from Tony Robbins online school Robbins Madanes, in which Tony was working with a member of the audience who was suffering from depression. He asked the lady at what level she suffered. 1 being I’m fine, 10 being suicidal, to which she replied 9.

So she was in a pretty bad place, Tony worked through some processes with her and took her to a really depressed state, but also quickly snapped her back to the state of joy and laughter. The transition which she flipped from one mood to the next was rapid, and a true reflection that ultimately its us that hold the power to decide how we feel.

All too often we let outside influences control us, but in the end, its down to us to select how we feel. Many of us don’t get the things in life we truly desire because we consider ourselves vulnerable to the conditions we already have. Our environment isn’t right, we wasn’t born with wealth, or we just never catch that lucky break.

But just like the lady from Tony’s training, we have the ability to make the flip between how we feel.

So let me ask you this question.
Are you a player, or a spectator?
While ever you look at life as a spectator, you will get the benefits of a spectator. You’ll not quite get the seat you want, and when you do, you’ll pay over the odds for it.

You need to start looking at life more like a player, this is your show, you’re the star player, and as a result, you will also reap all the rewards. The backstage party, the big pay days and the attention that comes with it.

Spectators Pay, Players Get Paid!

Be sure that you’re the lead role; this is your game, your movie… Stop being the extra!

Live life, have fun and stop worrying about the small detail! In the end, everything is going to be ok!

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