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Beards And Business

We have many great examples in which we can learn from and I think beards are probably a good way to start.

You see much like growing a beard when starting a new business you’re a little unsure on what exactly you should be doing, so you rush out with the greatest of intentions, you buy things you may or may not need and things start to go a little wild.

Sound familiar?

I can relate perfectly to this from running several start up companies and from my experience in growing a man beard. At some point you are going to make mistakes, like me when I started growing my beard and several times in my start up companies. I shaved the beard too high, I purchased the wrong services for my business or took advice from the wrong people. The “advice from the wrong people” I think is a big tumbling block for us all no matter what we are doing. You see most of the time we take advice from friends, family members, neighbours, who aren’t qualified to provide that advice. A great example would be – you wouldn’t take advice over surgery from any of the above list, unless they happen to be a very competent surgeon, also you wouldn’t take financial advice from an advisor that was flat broke (Well I hope not).

But for most of us we take advice from people who have no real knowledge, let alone proof to back up their theory. So much like growing a beard you need to get some expert advice, in my case a local barbers. They advised me where to shave the beard, what oils to use and how I should care for my beard. This is no different for your start up business, you need sound advice from competent, experianced people in the sector you operate.

If you are looking for some expert advice on how to live a life of financial freedom, realise your true potential and find happiness and fulfilment in all areas of your life get in touch today Contact Me. If you are looking for tips on growing a beard approach a local competent expert barber and let them help you on the path to facial fluff.

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