If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Catapult your life, career and business by becoming more self-aware!

Having a clear understanding of yourself will serve you well not only in business but your whole life. I often say the better I understand myself, the better I understand others.

Learn to identify your personality, your weakness and strengths, the values you hold most dear and what motivates you.

Self-awareness is important because when we have a clear and concise understanding of ourselves, we are capable of experiencing the very thing that makes us unique and helps to let your true light shine through.

When you begin to master your awareness you can spot new opportunities with ease, you can better predict the outcomes of events and communicate at a much better level.

To give you an example, have you ever been in a car accident and noticed that everything slowed down like it was in slow motion?

This is often known as heightened awareness, through practice you can develop this state of heightened awareness and control situations around you better.

You can control your anger, your thoughts, your response to situations, your attitude, by having better control you can become better at everything you do.

Here are a few ways that you can be made more empowered and self-aware:

1. Listen more –
Don’t just hear what someone is saying, actually listen to them. Don’t wait with the anticipation of speaking, actually listen to what is being said, rather than hearing until they finish so you can talk.

2. Meditate –
I talk about meditation a lot, calming the mind puts you in a much more mindful state. It’s remarkable what you can achieve when you have clarity of the mind.

3. Eat better –
It’s amazing what a difference food can do, healthy food generally makes you feel healthier. Research actually says that eating Oranges and Pineapples are natural mood boosters and even show signs of reducing depression.

4. Be more aware of your surroundings –
Really stop and look what’s happening around you, each time you look, you will find something new that you didn’t notice the first time. Be more mindful of what’s going on around you.

Try it out, learning more about you will assist you on your way to a better understanding of others. Especially important if you wish for a happy and prosperous life.

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