If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Change how you feel with what you focus on

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and some certainly seem more agonising than others, but the ultimate thing to remember is that how you feel is determined by what you focus on.

When facing challenging situations follow these three rules to remain in that strong emotional state of mind.

1. Choose what to focus on: How you feel is controlled by the things that you focus on, you literally feel in direct proportions to the things you think about. What you think about is how you feel, how you feel affects what you do, and what you do delivers the results you receive. If you want better results, think about better things.

2. Decide what it really means: We are great at creating stories, and let’s be honest, how many times have you worried about something that never even happened. Before you let your mind wander freely, when faced with difficulties or challenging times ask the questions ‘What does this really mean’.

3. Decide what to do about it: Running away from difficult times only prolongs the pain, you must decide to do something about it now, the pain may appear worse by challenging it now, but I promise this will not be as painful as the pain that comes at a later time.

The simple solution is to always remember that if something can be fixed by you or someone you know, then don’t worry about it. And if it’s something that cannot be fixed, then don’t worry about it.

Aligning yourself with people and brands that promote positivity and confidence will help you along to way, as such companies such as Tommy John are not only creating innovative products but are helping to promote confidence and comfortability in any situation which drives the motivation behind this post and infographic.

Attached is a cool infographic that you can use to remind yourself of the three best ways to deal with these difficult or challenging times we often face in life.

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