If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.


Most people find it easier to tell you what they don’t want than to say what they do want, they say I don’t want it in that colour or that size, or him or her, and it cant look like this or that etc…

The reason being is that everyone is simply running around on autopilot and not really thinking for themselves, they repeat what they hear or read and never really think for themselves. Think about this the next time you’re in a conversation, is this really you speaking, or is it a rehashed version of something else.

We really need to learn how to spend more time being present, looking at the here and now, not the past or the unknown. At any given moment, to find out what you truly want, ask the following questions.

  1. Clearly outline what you want. The subconscious thrives on detail, the more detail the better.
  2. Find out what is stopping you from getting what you want. This really gets you to think.
  3. Find ways to change the old way of thinking. If you always go left, take the right, change the habit.
  4. Repeat the new way of thinking. Doing something different once won’t stick, make this a new habit by repeating it.

The truth is, if you’re not getting the results you want then something needs to change, for things to change, you must change. This could be the time you go to bed, the food you eat, the things you do. Only you know what this is, and deep down inside you know what to do when doing it, listen to your heart, get out of your head and follow your heart.

Once you get the clarity over what you want, you can begin to start moving towards it, the greater the clarity, the better the execution. With this approach, the results you achieve are better and this improves your belief towards the task at hand.

You know this already when you feel satisfied with the results you feel great, when you’re dissatisfied with the results, you feel doubt.

Get really clear about what you want, find out what’s stopping you from achieving it, then spend everyday conditioning the new habit until you have it, and if it doesn’t show up right away, remember it takes 9 months for a baby to grow, it takes 5 years for the bamboo tree to show results, you have no idea how long your desires will take, but stay committed to them and they will materialise.

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