If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Don’t be afraid to disappoint…

Some people will only like you or love you for that matter when you fit perfectly inside of their box. Don’t be afraid to disappoint!

People don’t like change, and they state that change is hard. But know this change is the going to happen, its inevitable. 

People don’t want you to leave them, that’s the real issue when people are doing well, they may say they are grateful to you, they may say they’re proud. And in many cases, you could hook them up to a lie detector, and the results would show they’re telling the truth. 

But the real truth is, people don’t want to see you leave, they want you to do well, but they don’t want you to leave. They will have no one to sit around and talk rubbish with anymore. 

But for you to constantly grow, you need to see moving, your circles of influence will change, and this includes your friends. Think back to school, how many of your BEST friends from school are you still in contact with, and I’m not talking the odd like or comment on facebook!

I mean real friends, friends who you spend real time with? Not many ill guess! 

Don’t be afraid to disappoint, your old circles may speak bad of you, they may now take a dislike to you. But realise this, it’s only because you are not conforming to the box they still live in.

Move forward, keep growing, and do the best for you! You’re the only person you can truly count on! 



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