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Forget Qualifying Your prospect. This Way Is So Much Better!

Forget Qualifying Your prospect. This Way Is So Much Better!

I have a question…

How many times have you been told to qualify your prospect, and how important it is to qualify your prospect before you move into the discovery phase?

And I’m thinking you may have come across the different ways of doing this, and all the acronyms that support it… 

  • BANT
  • SPIN
  • SNAP

And while I’m a huge fan of these, especially BANT & SPIN (I would say that BANT & SPIN make the near-perfect companion for the qualifying and discovery process of a prospect), I have a different approach to pushing my prospects through my pipeline.

Dis-Qualify them…

Yup, I try and talk them out of doing business with me. Sounds odd right? Let me explain.

Instead of pushing them down a path of pain and manipulation, I ask things such as:

  • Why do you need training, coaching, etc.?
  • Who is the training for?
  • For what reason do they need it?
  • How do you know they need it?

Taking this angle removes you from the typical salesperson role, and positions you as the trusted consultant. 

You’re no longer selling them, you’re genuinely trying to help them. 

By questioning them, you delve deeper into their need, and as you will have heard me say many times, ‘People Don’t buy what they NEED, they buy what they WANT’. –– I have a FREE webinar that helps with handling objections, which will help you to delve deeper with the prospect, Register Free Here.

By deliberately trying to dis-disqualify the prospect, you let them discover their need and position it to them as a want. 

This method allows you to confidently move into the discovery stage of your pitch with the full permission of the prospect, give it a try and be sure to let me know how it works for you, I think you’ll be amazed at the success you can achieve.

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