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💬 Quote of the week

“Happiness is not a destination to be reached, but a journey to be embraced.”

Happiness is not a fixed point that one can arrive at after completing a certain task or reaching a specific goal. 

Rather, it’s a state of mind that one can experience along the way in their journey through life. It implies that happiness is not a result of external factors or material possessions, but rather an inner feeling that can be cultivated and embraced at any point in one’s life.

True happiness is found in the journey itself, in the small moments of joy and contentment that we experience along the way,

⚱️ More problems, more opportunities

Here are a few questions I see getting asked a lot…

• How can I get more leads?

• How can I increase my revenue?

• How do I grow my business?

• How do I stop imposter syndrome?

• How do I remove daily problems?

The biggest problem is that most people think that life shouldn’t have problems. The reality is you need problems, but you want problems on your terms, and then you call them opportunities. 

Problems show that you’re making progress. 

When we face problems, we are forced to think creatively and come up with new solutions. This can help us develop new skills and approaches, which can be useful in the future.

Problems are your friend, not the enemy!

While problems may be challenging and difficult to deal with in the moment, they can ultimately lead to positive outcomes and help us grow and develop as individuals.

If I was asked to answer the following questions, here’s what I would say…

• How can I get more leads? – 

I would look at what’s working and what’s not, then change my approach. 

• How can I increase my revenue?

How much growth in revenue are you looking for, and then break this down into monthly, weekly, or even daily targets?

• How do I grow my business?

What growth are you looking for, over what duration, and how will you measure this?

• How do I stop imposter syndrome?

Stop looking at this as a bad thing. Instead, consider the reason you’re feeling this way is because you’re doing something new. You’re breaking out of your comfort zone. 

• How do I remove daily problems?

You don’t. You want problems. You need to stop telling yourself that you don’t want them and think of them as opportunities instead. 

✅ 1 Actionable tip

Make a list of everything you have considered a problem, then look at ways to turn this into an opportunity.

For example, 

You have just lost a staff member. This is a great opportunity to learn why they left, if your culture needs looking at, or your leadership style. 

Or maybe, you need to learn to stop judging yourself and realise that they left because they wanted to better themselves, and nothing you could have done would change that. 

Another example could be… 

Suppose that your business requires machinery to get the job done, and the machinery has just broken down. Instead of looking at this as a problem, ask yourself what opportunity this has created. 

It could be that the machine was old, and now is the perfect time to replace it. 

Or maybe the way you manage the workload means the clients control you, and you drop everything for them, sacrificing other commitments, and the machine breaking down allows you to evaluate this situation. 

Start writing your problems list and look for sometimes hidden opportunities. 

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