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Here’s what The Secret missed out.

By now most have heard of  ‘The Secret’, and if you haven’t, you really need to invest the time to watch, read or listen to it. It’s remarkable!

The Secret focuses its attention on the law of attraction, which has become increasingly popular over recent years, and with good reason too.

The basis of the secret looks at the following aspects:

Ask, basically you need to ask for the things that you want.

Believe, you need to really believe that the things you’re asking for will come to you.

Receive, only once you actually visualize the owning of said asks, will you receive them.

Now I adore the secret, and you can often hear me telling everyone I meet they should indulge. One key aspect I find that is missing from The Secret, is the expectation.

Let me explain in more detail:

You see the ask is all about getting clear with your goals, really connecting with them, understanding them. The believe is 100% belief that you can and will achieve the ask, the feeling you get, when you know, and then you receive.

However, the expectation is what I find is missing, it’s the expectation that solidifies The Law of Attraction, you see all our life’s, most of us have been told ‘I Want Never Gets’ so no matter how much we ask or believe, seldom do we receive, and it’s not through trying, I can verify that.

It’s the expectation that is missing. You need to actually expect that you will receive the ask, only when you can truly expect to receive will you actually receive.

I know so many people who believe deeply in The Law of Attraction, but they never get what they ask for. And I know they believe they can receive, but I also know that they don’t expect to receive, therefore it never materialises.

So I created a formula that guarantees massive success, but only if followed as described.  And that formula is (mg X ma =ms), a relatively simple formula, and if combined with the benefits and teachings of The Secret, will produce massive results.

So here is the formula again:

(mg –massive goals X ma –massive action =ms –massive success)

So firstly you need to ask, but rather than asking for something that you think is fair, ask for something ridiculous, I mean the kind of thing people laugh when you tell them.  Now most people at this stage really struggle, but you need to think big, the bigger the better. Where the secret starts to fail people is after this step, they wish for the things they asked for, but take no further action to achieve them. Simply believing these things will materialize in front of you will not make them real.

The only true way to expect them (As described above) is by applying the second part of the formula, ma – massive action. There’s no way you can gain the massive goals or asks by applying the same level of activity you was previously, likewise the reason most struggle to expect to receive the asks is because they know the action they’re applying wasn’t enough before, so how can they work now.

So, by applying massive action you move your mindset in to a new place, a new vibration that activates the receiving process. A place that now expects to receives the asks, because the activity justifies this.

This now moves to the final stage of the formula,  the massive success!

Its actually just basic math’s, so for example, if you’re working 30 or 40 hours a week and generating an income of £4000 per month, and you want to get to £8000 per month.

The first step you need to do is ask for more money, get a plan to earn £8000. Believe that you can earn £8000, then expect to earn £8000 by applying the necessary action to get there. In this example, simply doubling your existing efforts will double your income. So just do more!

Its not The Law of Attraction that will make you receive the asks, it’s the action! You need massive action to match the massive goals, only then do you genuinely expect to see the results.

And lets be honest, if you miss the target, you’re still making more than before.

If you really want to understand The Secret, then I also suggest you read ‘Ask and It Is Given’ the book that sparked the fascination of The Law of Attraction, and where The Secretgot the idea for the book.

If you need an helping hand getting your head around my formula (mg X ma =ms) then CONTACT me here

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