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How Being Personal on LinkedIn helps

How Being Personal on LinkedIn Grew Robs Recruitment Business to lofty Heights

In this episode of the #TogetherWeThrive Podcast, we meet Rob Shaw, the MD of Glu Recruit, a forward-thinking, high value-driven recruitment agency that shows no signs of slowing down, even in these uncertain times.

Four years ago, Rob started Glu Recruit in his garage and has grown the business to 10-staff and currently is looking to recruit two more.

Rob says his business success is due to his attention to detail, his genuine caring nature and that he steered away from the traditional smile and dial recruitment model.

Key TakeAways:
1. Make Things Personal
2. Use LinkedIn
3. Always give value first
4. Care and Be Yourself

Show Notes:

1:01 – Introducing Rob Shaw
2:45 – The recruitment club
6:44 – Oldschool selling is outdated
8:32 – Making it personal
10:34 – Falling into sales
13:43 – Ey up, Pete McKee
15:32 – LinkedIn changed the recruitment game
21:53 – There are easier ways to earn a living
26:27 – Sales Vs Marketing
34:58 – Start small – Scale fast – Give service
37:29 – Learning to let go
38:37 – Who’s Rob 5 – 9?
41:10 – How to be yourself
42:01 – Connecting with Rob

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