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How Is Publicity Used In Marketing And How Do I Apply It To My Business?

How Is Publicity Used In Marketing

As we’ve all heard, any publicity is good publicity; whether it’s good or bad doesn’t matter. But, in reality, one negative move can spoil years of hard work and dedication. Hence, publicity is very effective, both in a good and bad way. So, in this article, let us discuss how you can effectively use publicity marketing and apply it to your business. Let’s go.

Publicity marketing – What Is It?

Publicity is another branch of your marketing campaigns. It makes people aware of the products and services that your business offers. Basically, with good publicity, you can create goodwill and brand value in the market. You can use social media and other effective modes of communication to make good publicity.

A publicist crafts a publicity stunt to grab the attention of the customers. And Public Relations (PR), a management team designs effective techniques to improve communication with the audience. Many established businesses organise press releases and other events to garner media attention. Thus, it creates a publicity stunt.

How Does It Work For Your Business?

As we all know, traditional advertising methods like newspapers, radio and others are expensive and have limitations. Moreover, it is really difficult to determine the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. However, publicity cannot replace traditional methods of advertising. But it can build your brand value, and it’s inexpensive. So, let us check out how it works.

  • Press Releases

Press releases help your company to grab the attention of the media. You can use any noteworthy event or organize an event on behalf of the company. Generally, press releases are short, use a specific format, and focus on key points. You will find plenty of templates online, or you hire someone to craft a template for you. Then, organize an event and inform the local media, or use your website for exposure.

  • Create Networks

For your business to grow, you need to develop connections with people working in the media industry. Thus, your products and services will gain media coverage. You can achieve this by creating networks, attending important events, introducing your business and more. Ultimately, the media industry only covers newsworthy items, so any other factor doesn’t really matter.

  • Participate In Various Events

If you manage to participate in various events, it will help your business to grow. For example, donation events and charity events create a lot of media hype. So, donate an amount using your company’s name. Your business will definitely grab media attention; thus, earn more sales.

  • Self-Promotion

Media people often look for expert opinions regarding a certain matter and help them with specific articles. So, you can give an expert opinion, but you cannot directly advertise your products. Instead, promote your expertise, so when customers know about your products, they’ll already know you. 

Difference Between Publicity and Marketing.

So let’s check out the difference between publicity and marketing.

  • Marketing promotes your products and services, but publicity lets people know about your existence.
  • Marketing allures customers to buy your products, but publicity increases your brand’s visibility.
  • Most companies design marketing campaigns to identify a target audience but publicity targets a broad audience.

What Are The Different Types Of Publicity marketing?

The following are the different types that your business can adapt easily.

  • Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to establish a connection with your audience. Create exciting and engaging posts to grab their attention.
  • You can send review units and free products to YouTube celebrities and social media influencers. Thus, your products will get featured in various social media posts and YouTube videos.
  • You can work with other business owners to increase the visibility of your product. It will also help you reach a wider audience and generate great awareness.
  • Target any possible awards that you can achieve with your business, as awards create a lot of media hype.

Publicity marketing

So, the above points will guide you to use publicity effectively for your business. But most importantly, think about how you want to portray your business in front of the public.

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