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How Journaling Will Help You To Have The Best Day Of Your Life

How Journaling Will Help You To Have The Best Day Of Your Life

Rejection, Covid-19, No-Budget, More rejection, Lockdown…

Everywhere you turn there is negativity, online, offline, even family and friends, it seems no one is impervious to this widespread negativity.

However, there is a solution, a way to keep safe and to stop the negativity gremlins from stealing your sunshine.

A Journal for Happiness

Journaling, yup, writing stuff down. Here’s a great app that I use called Reflectly

Journaling for happiness

Reflectly, dubbed as ‘A Journal for Happiness’

Write down and document the following:

  • Your feelings
  • Your thoughts, and
  • Day-to-day experiences…

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But wait, journaling is not about being all woo-woo (btw, I love The Secret), this is about learning to control the way you think, bear with me here.

Start each day armed with pen and paper, a notebook or legal pad, and start documenting all the good that happens throughout your day.

i.e. if you are pulling up to a red traffic light that flips to green on your approach, then document that as a good thing.

If you get to work and someone offers to make you a drink, document this as a good thing.

If you’re working remotely and your VPN (Virtual Private Network) gives you access the first time, document this as a good thing.

Try to channel your focus on only the good things that happen throughout your day. Make no space for negative small talk, if you find yourself in negative chatter, politely excuse yourself.

Continue your day using this same strategy, and then at the end of the day, review your notes. Look through all the good that has happened during your day, and relive the positive moments. 

Practising this positive journaling technique is guaranteed to change your outlook. And encourage you to find the best in each day. 

The final part of this exercise is to ask yourself, has this day really been any different from most other days? It probably hasn’t, but you feel better because you choose to focus on the positive experiences instead of the negative ones.

Tony Robbins famously said,

‘Energy flows where attention goes’.

Be sure you focus on the things that make you feel good. You deserve to feel good and are the only one who controls this. 

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Journaling your wheel of life

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