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How To Build A Stable Client Base – Turning Customers Into Clients

Do you want your business to make evergreen sales? Then, you must build relationships with your clients. This is because loyal customers or clients are the secrets to a thriving business. 

First, you must understand that a customer and client are different terms. A customer may buy your goods or services once or for a while.

On the flip side, a client depends on your advice, expertise, and solutions to their problems. So, let’s look at how you can build a strong client base to increase your revenue. 

Building A Stable Client Base

It is easier to retain an existing customer than to find a new one—your existing customer’s trust and like you, which will make them tell others about you. 

Here’s how to make your customers run a referral business on your behalf. 

#1. Provide Amazing Customer Service 

This is one way to make your customers sing your praises and turn to brand loyalists. To do this, you must go over and beyond for them. 

About 60% of customers like to do business with companies with good customer service. Also, 66% of customers claim that customer service determines their brand loyalty. 

#2. Offer A Loyalty Program

If you offer your customers incentives, they will come back. A loyalty program will also prevent them from switching to a competitor. 

Your program should be easy to understand and balance effort with reward. No customer will return if they have to do so much to gain little rewards.

#3. Reward Referrals 

With a good referral scheme, you can get new customers and turn existing ones into loyalists. Offer mouth-watering incentives to existing customers.

It will cause them to promote your brand to their family and friends. This is good for you because people trust their peers more than brands. So, make your customers do the hard work for you. 

#4. Resolve Problems

If a client is not satisfied with a product or service, fix it. Answer the phone or ensure your customer care representative is on the ground to help. 

This will give the customer the impression that you care about their concerns. 

In the end, it is all for your benefit. This is because clients associate with and recommend brands that solve problems. 

#5. Seek Customer Opinions

Your consumers can provide a wealth of information that will improve your business. Provide an avenue for them to rate your services at the end of a transaction. 

You can leave a client satisfaction card on the counter. Or, you can use an after-sales survey to find out their opinions. 


The secret of every successful business is to turn customers into clients. To get evergreen sales, have an active referral business. 

Don’t focus on getting new customers that you neglect your existing ones. Your existing customers are potential brand loyalists. They can also bring more clients your way. 

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