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Hey 👋 

So many business owners I speak with have an incredible offer and are desperate to help more people.

But there’s a problem ✋

They struggle to get their product or service in front of A. enough people and B. the right people. 

In today’s newsletter, I will show you how to perfectly align your product or service with people who not only NEED what you offer but WANT it too!

Marketing is really about you understanding what YOU do and for WHO

It’s then just a matter of pushing the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Think about what job your customer is trying to do.
  • Ask, what is stopping them from getting this job done?
  • Then ask, if they get the job done, what does the reward look like?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you become much clearer about how your product or service can add value to your customer. 

Then ask yourself,

  • Does my product/service help the customer get what they want?
  • Will my product/service remove the pain or problem they face?
  • And does my product/service give them the reward they want?

When you approach your customers with this method, selling becomes much easier because you are no longer trying to convince someone to buy your product. 

You’re simply showing you understand them and have a way to help, and if your product or service doesn’t align, then accept that the customer may not be a good fit. 

This will stop you from wasting countless hours chasing the wrong type of customer, getting ghosted, and give you the freedom to work with customers with whom your product or services do align.

And more importantly, they not only need what you offer, they want it!

Chat next week

To your success



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