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How To Develop More Confidence By Taking More Action In 5 Easy To Follow Steps

How To Develop More Confidence By Taking More Action In Five Easy To Follow Steps

Confidence gives you the edge, the ability to tackle what often seems challenging or even scary, after all the only reason you are scared is due to the fact that you haven’t taken any action to move towards the thing that causes the fear.

One of the best ways to develop confidence is to feed yourself a daily dose of ‘Action Taking’, below are a few examples of things you can do that will elevate your confidence.

No.1 Get physical – Hit the gym, take a swim, go for a walk, go boxing or do something that gets you moving.
No.2 Increase Your Competence – Take something you’re good at and learn to be better at it.
No. 3 Change A Habit – Take a bad habit that you know you have and make a conscious effort to change it.
No. 4 Dress Nicely – Make an extra effort with what you dress like, dress good and you feel good.
No. 5 Audit Your Self-talk – Ask bad questions and you get bad answers, learn to ask better quality questions.

No.1  Get Physical:

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.

Exercising helps to make you feel happier, helps with weight loss, improves skin condition and naturally will increase your confidence levels. Get physical and watch how your confidence levels rise. 

No. 2 Increase Your Competence:

When you become a practitioner in a chosen field, recognised as the specialist or authority you don’t second guess yourself, you act Alpha, and think Alpha. Confidence comes from knowledge and taking determined action based on things you’re certain about. Increase your competence and increase your confidence.

No. 3 Change A Habit:

When you know a particular habit is causing issues for you it’s time to step up, by challenging the bad habit, you increase the confidence levels, and this new habit helps to shape you, develop you and forge a new, stronger version of you. Changing a habit will change your levels of confidence.

No.4 Dress Nicely: 

Think back to a time when you are wearing new clothes, how did you feel? You know the answer, you felt great. Dress nicely and you anchor that similar emotion, and when that emotion is evoked you increase your confidence levels. Dress nice, feel nice and increase your confidence.

No. 5 Audit Your Self-talk:

The quality of your communication will ultimately determine the quality of your life, and this isn’t your communication with others, it’s the communication with yourself. If you talk to yourself in a negative way, the response will be negative.

However, if you ask yourself better quality questions, you get better quality answers. Communicate with yourself more positively and you feel better about yourself, this again lifts your confidence levels.

Try introducing these 5 strategies to your life and see an instant increase in your confidence levels.

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