If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

How to expect nothing and never be disappointed!

We live in a world where our expectations are so large, our patience is virtually non-existent, and we expect instant gratification for everything we do.

Looking back at my parent’s era they had something magical, something that we should spend time embracing, something that is missing from the current society that we live in.

‘They had massive amounts of patience and literally no expectations.’

Whereas nowadays we have massive expectations and literally no patience!

The problem with the new way is we find ourselves continually disappointed, when you expect so much to be done for you, or provided for you, and these things or promises are broken, we feel disappointed.

We need to start going backwards in order to move forward, by removing our expectations we protect ourselves from constants disappointment.

‘Expect nothing, and you’ll never be disappointed.’

What we really need to do is start appreciating things more!
Appreciate that we have the internet, sure it’s not always fast (Especially when you live on the edge of Peak District like I do), but appreciate that you have the capabilities it gives you.

Appreciate the moment, be more mindful, be there, wherever that may be.
Appreciate that things take time, appreciate everything that you have!

Change your expectation for appreciation and see how fast your life starts to change!

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