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How to Quit Your Job and Start the Business of Your Dreams

So many people have the dream and goal of running their own business, but for most this stops the minute they step one foot into the business arena.

This isn’t down to the lack of skills, knowledge or ambition. But, mostly down to the fact that they really don’t know what their dream business idea is.

Truth be told, in today’s economy starting a business is so much easier than it’s ever been. You can build a website on the fly, use social media to reach out to a much larger audience, and communicate in ways that are much easier and much more measurable than ever before.

Yet, for some, it’s still a daunting task when thinking about what they should be doing for their dream business, let alone getting started on the dream path.

So, I thought I would share a few ideas about what you should be doing and ways to dig out those hidden dreams locked away within.

1. What steals your time.

Take a look at the things you do on a daily basis, what tasks or activities do you do that make you lose all focus of time?

These are generally the things that you find challenging, interested and inspiring. The fact that you lose track of time is a good thing, consider looking at how you could take these tasks and turn them into a business.

These tasks could be graphic design work, sports, networking with others, helping and inspiring others, and solving problems…

Just from the few mentioned above, I can already think of a business angle for all of them.

i.e Graphic design, you could start by freelancing for larger design agencies, before setting up your own.

Sports, I know many sports franchises that actually receive government funding to go into schools and offer extracurricular activities for the children.

Networking, you could set up and run local meeting groups for like-minded people. Share trades, and pass work with each other.

Or find ways to solve problems for others, this can be sales orientated or advice based.

2. Utilise your existing skills

As well as discovering the tasks that steal your time, look at the skills that you have acquired over time.

Are you great with computers, can you fix them, maybe you can develop code? maybe you have a new idea for a better way for the computer to work.

Understanding the skills you have, can help you to inject those skills into a business idea, and creating a business that focuses on one of your hobbies can create a very satisfying lifestyle and business.

3. Areas of great growth.

Another place you can look for inspiration in starting a business is in areas of growth.  Look through the press, on what’s on TV and radio, what sectors are really flourishing. Look at businesses that are doing really well, and explore if there is room for additional expansion from you.

No matter how good or bad the economy performs, people will always pay for services that offer increased value.

I have read on many occasions about business building a strong business in a recession, and that lots of millionaires are actually created from these difficult and hard times.

These are just a few areas that spring to mind, and ways to spur you into a business pumping machine, please remember starting a business will have ups and downs. But that’s part of the journey!

The best advice I can give anyone, and this is purely from personal experience: Get as much advice as possible on the journey.

Get a mentor, get professional help, and don’t be afraid to let go of tasks. The quicker you can do these things, the quicker your new business hatchling can look to flourish.

And if it doesn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up, just start again!

Some of the greatest products we have ever seen or heard about didn’t work out the first time around.

Walt Disney’s idea of having a theme park was snubbed by most banks and branded as a stupid idea. Now people save their entire life’s to spend one holiday at Disney land.

JK Rowling was rejected by countless publishers for Harry Potter…

Colonel Sanders (KFC) was rejected hundreds of times, and didn’t find his true calling until his 60’s…

To finalise, the best advice I can give is to take advice. And take lots of it!

If you do need some help, a mentor or just a sounding board, please feel free to reach out to me. CLICK HERE

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