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How To Prospect And Sell In Hard Times

The world may be crashing around us, but you still need to make sales and crunch numbers. In truth, selling in hard times may be tasking, but your customers rely on you to cope with these times.

As a seller, you are like a voice of reason to distract them from the confusion surrounding them. They will also need help navigating transactions. This is because things can get muddled up in times like these.

So, this is not the time to stop sales prospecting. You must show your new and existing customers how you can be of help. 

In this article, we will show you how to sell in hard times.

Sales Prospecting Tips For Selling In Hard Times

Prospecting is an important part of sales. Prospects are people or businesses that fit your target audience. 

Sales Prospecting is how you turn them into buying customers. We have put together some tips to help you with prospecting and selling in hard times:

#1. Familiarize With The Prospects

When you have a potential customer in your sights, warm up to them. It is crucial to building a relationship with prospects before selling to them. 

This will enable them to trust you and stay comfortable around you. So, when you use your sales strategy on them, it will guarantee success. 

#2. Use Social Media

The world is changing, and the fastest way to find prospects is online. So, you must have a social media strategy to guide you through. 

A lot of people that want to know about your product are online. You need to work on your online presence and get ready to answer questions about your services. 

It is easier to hit your revenue goals when you have a good social selling plan. 

#3. Networking

To ensure your sales prospecting is successful, you need to attend the right events. First, you must find out the kind of events your ideal customers are likely to attend.

Then, you can decide how many events you’ll show up for and what to say there. For example, if you sell software to designers, attend conferences targeted at them. 

This will expose you to a wide range of people that will need your products or services. 

#4. Make Sure To Follow Up

For effective sales prospecting, always keep the prospect in the loop. What this means is that you must follow them up, each step of the deal. 

There are many ways to do this, like by sending an email or placing a call. This can be to confirm your next meeting or send more resources. 

It will also convince them that you are a trusted person. 


Prospecting for selling in hard times doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It can present a positive experience both for you and your prospects.

Experiment with the tips we provided above and see what works best for you. This will help you to convert good prospects into paying customers. 

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