If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

How to really achieve your goals

As far back as I remember, the one thing I was always good at was finding out why. I had this urge to know about everything, and more importantly, WHY it worked, or why it did what it did.

I suppose this was the result of my dad, he was a fabricator and made everything. As a youngster, he made my bed, he made some of my toys, made my bike, my skateboard. Literally everything was made in my household, very rarely did anyone else come in to do the DIY, and if it could be made or fixed, my dad would be on hand to fix it up.

And the environments we spend all our time, especially as a child, shape the way we live our life. So my entire life from a very early age was shaped to understand how and why things worked or operated in such a way.

I want to share the real value of WHY, and how you can apply it to both your life and business to bring massive success.

So what exactly is WHY? why is about exploring your reasons, your purpose for doing what you do. Without a strong enough why, you simply leave everything to chance.

If I was to hold your head underwater, very soon you will forget about everything else, the only thing you want more than anything else the ability to take in air, to breathe.

Why do you need the air? Because without it you simply won’t live, so the why is to continue living. You need to breathe if you want to continue living, that’s the power of why.

When your dreams, goals, and desires are as powerful as you wanting to take in that breath of air, then you will find success in anything you do.

So, in a nutshell, WHY is all about getting to the real reasons you wish to do the things you do in both life and business. And if you continually ask yourself why, then you will find a new meaning and reason for doing everything you do.

However, don’t think just because you have found the WHY, it means you have the secret sauce… Knowledge will only take you so far, YOU have to do the rest. This is called ACTION.

The WHY (If correct) is what will drive you to take the right kind of massive, determined action. You jump out of bed each morning and talk about it all the time, do whatever it takes. Thats when the WHY is right!


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