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Insanely Easy Follow-up Principles That Most People Don’t Use.

Insanely Easy Follow-up Principles That Most People Don’t Use.

There’s an old saying, and you’ve probably heard it many times…

What’s the saying?

“The money is in the follow-up”.

It’s true; most salespeople give up way too early. Research tells us that 80% of sales occur on the 5th to the 12th follow up, yet most salespeople give up after just one follow-up.

And there’s a whole bunch of reasons why you give up so early, maybe it’s:

• You don’t want the rejection
• You don’t want to come across as being pushy
• You certainly don’t want to appear desperate.

Or maybe, just maybe you don’t believe in your product. If that’s the issue, you want to read this article ‘how to effectively onboard your new sales starter‘.

Follow-up works it truly does. But I want to drop this nugget into the play.

Who really gets the benefits if you close the deal?

Does the client? I mean, do they need your product/service, and is it helping them to get to their goals or solve their problems.

Or do you get the benefit, because by closing this deal you hit your targets and bag the commission?

Let me tell you. I’d much rather it be the first. If you’re chasing the prospect down for the commission or to hit your target, you’re the problem with the sales industry.

Look, I get it, you want to get paid, and you want to keep your job, but until you genuinely, 100% care about helping your client win, sales will always be a struggle for you.

I tell my clients all the times, don’t fall in love with your product/service, fall in love with your prospect.

So when do you become a crazy stalker?

By the way, I’ve no problems with someone going all stalkerish on a prospect, if the benefits are for the prospect. Follow-up, be persistent and keep going, after all, if your product or service can genuinely help the prospect, it’s your duty.

However, should the benefit be all for you, just think about the follow-up a little bit more first, and try to find a way to help the client before you go all bunny boiler on them.

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