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We’re changing the way we do newsletters,

Introducing: The 5-minutes to Thrive Newsletter.


Topics will include: 

Sales, Marketing, Business, Finance, Leadership, Random fun facts…

So, here’s the first new format newsletter 001👇

⭐️ Uber reviews customers…

✅ Getting Twitter verified for $8/mo…

🐟 Fish can get addicted to meth after eating human poop…

ℹ️ Reasons why you need a sales funnel…


⭐️ Uber reviews customers

Are you aware that Uber drivers rate you as a passenger?

Drivers rate us based on how long we keep them waiting, whether or not we leave trash in their car, and how well we act respectfully toward them.

Is this a good idea?

It’s a good idea in theory, but in the real world, it doesn’t work as well as hoped because people who don’t want to talk can be rated lower, and women can be rated lower for their looks and for not wanting to speak to a driver because they feel uncomfortable.

What’s your rating? Find out by going to the Uber app and your account and looking for your star rating below your name.


✅ Getting Twitter verified for $8/mo

Would you be willing to pay $8/mo (£6.95) to display the verified badge on Twitter? And what does this mean for verification on other platforms?

Will Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites look to charge for their blue tick? Maybe. Will you or I pay for the verification? Maybe.

Critics worry that paying to get verified on Twitter could present the opportunity for fake accounts to impersonate celebrities, government officials and other public figures, leading to the possibility of more widespread misinformation.

One thing is for sure right now, Elon says, “you can keep complaining, but the price will not change”.


🐟 Fish can get addicted to meth after eating human poop

According to a study by the Journal of Experimental Biology, fish in the Czech & Slovak Republics have been getting addicted to methamphetamines due to the heavy dose of drug entering wastewater being flushed into their habitat.

The real problem with the drug dependencies is that the fish are being drawn to wastewater plants to get their fix, and this could potentially mess up the aquatic ecosystem


ℹ️ Reasons why you need a sales funnel 

A sales funnel often called a marketing funnel, is a way to capture leads and turn them into customers.

The best-performing sales funnels start with compelling copy that resonates with the reader and inspires action prompting them to download (in exchange for their email, name and sometimes phone number) a free guide.

The free guide can be: 

  • A white-paper
  • A PDF workbook
  • A video series
  • Market Insights

Or something that helps solve a challenge or achieve a goal.

From here, emails nurture the leads and help close deals.

Want our free email marketing made easy worksheet? Reply to this email, and we will shoot this over to you.


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