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Is Sales Training Effective? And What You Need To Do!

This is the question that we know gets asked lots, and honestly, its a great question. The ugly truth is that most sales training is not sufficient, and let me tell you why…

Sales training is not sufficient because the person selling it and delivering it has not done their job correctly, and they probably didn’t even realise they missed vital information from the training. 

Effective sales training needs to have two critical pieces of information agreed before the training starts. 

No.1, the client needs to assign somebody in their sales team who is responsible for making sure the training is executed, failure to do so will invalidate any training given. They may benefit from a small boost, but this will fade rapidly over the coming days. 

No. 2, also the client, they need to have a clear way to measure the results from the training, as Peter Drucker famously said ‘What gets measures gets improved’.

Let’s face it, anyone can take a bunch of underperforming sales representatives and get them good for a day, but it takes real talent, and real training to ensure the training lasts, it takes even greater skill to take the high performers and move them to the next level.

The best training is broken down into bite-size chunks, its made enjoyable and engaging. 

Most information (75%) is lost after just six days, as discovered by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the 1880s. Ebbinghaus pioneered landmark research in the field of retention and learning, observing what he called ‘the forgetting curve’, a measure of how much we forget over time. 

In his experiments, he discovered that without any reinforcement or connections to prior knowledge, information is quickly forgotten — roughly 56 percent in one hour, 66 percent after a day, and 75 percent after six days.

If you want sales training that not only works but sales training that sticks, then you must engage the student, make it easy to absorb, ensure its actioned, benchmark the performance (measure it) and repeat the training as much as possible.

This is why I built SalesOnDemand, to provide short (Often under 3 minutes) videos, that engage the student, tests them on the information and gives them access whenever they need it, on-demand. 

We work closely with the company to ensure that the training is executed to a training schedule, it’s measured, and it’s reinforced continuously.

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Source: Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus research https://www.edutopia.org

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