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It’s Your Business. Your Profit Should Come First With Dan Edwards.


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In today’s #TogetherWeThrive​ podcast episode, Jon speaks with Dan Edwards, a Certified Profit First Professional, Quickbooks Platinium ProAdvisor and Startup Loans Ambassador.
Dan is on a mission to help business owners put more profit in their pockets!

Key Takeaway:
Know your numbers. Don’t leave it until you need an accountant before you engage one. And take your profits first.

Show Notes:
0:56 Future profit and covid-19
4:32 Practice in private and be rewarded in public
7:00 Enjoy your business or consider getting a job
10:10 How to earn six-figure months
14:48 Managing cash flow and debt
17:09 The profit first way to financial management
26:34 Getting ready to recruit your first staff member
31:49 How to grow your accountancy business
45:46 How to stop running your business like a hobby
50:04 Sticking to your pricing
54:38 Find out more about Dan and his business

Find out more about Dan here
Get Dan’s Book The Primarily Profit Planner: Making Profit Your Priority’ Here

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