If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

I was working with a great group of hairstylist and beauty treatment women last night, and one thing that became very apparent was people just don’t know, or write down the ‘WHY’ everyday.

As I worked around the room a few things materialised, and this is the same thing I find in many people or groups that I work with.

1. Very few people read.
This is something that I have talked about on many occasions, but people just don’t do it, and if they do, they don’t do it no where near enough.

The fact is your children will probably read more books this week that you have all year. Thats really bad! You certainly need to be reading more, I would aim for at least a book a month! You can check out some of the ones I highly recommend here – http://joncovey.com/bookclub

2. People don’t have clear goals (Either business or personal)
And this is one of the reasons people don’t achieve all the things they dream of, they have no direction, they have no ‘WHY’.

And so this got me thinking about the ‘WHY’… Why do you get up each day, why do you earn money, why do you do the things you do, or don’t!

I mentioned in  previous post about my daily schedule, up at 5:30am, breakfast, read, emails, exercise, shower and all this is achieved before 9am. One thing that I do in the mist of all these activities, I write down my ‘WHY’ for the day.

WHY – do I get up at 5:30am
WHY – do I push to earn money everyday
WHY – do I email, make videos, visit clients, cold call etc etc.

What is the ‘WHY’ that drives you to do all these tasks everyday, is it to provide for your family, your kids, your husband or wife? You need to be very clear on your ‘WHY’

Many people spend their entire life working hard, reaching for goals, and then cant figure out why they are not satisfied with their life. Sure they hit, or even smashed their goals, but they still are not complete. And its because the ‘WHY’ is missing.

Books are a great place to start looking for the ‘WHY’, if you can figure out why you do what you do, the way you do it, if you can figure out why you are you, then you’re on to the right path to successfully finding your ‘WHY’.

Find out your ‘WHY’, find your true happiness.

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And if you need a hand helping to discover your ‘WHY’, then reach out to me here – http://joncovey.com/contact

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