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Sad news, my Dad just passed away.

He almost reached life level 85, and next month he and my mom would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Now there’s a life lesson.

You’ve got to make a commitment in your life.

Commit to your career, your business, and your relationship. Commit to excellence. Commit to being the best version of yourself!

Don’t dabble at life!

Stop dipping your toe in the water, tip-toeing through life hoping to die safely.

Jump into life with both feet—don’t be a dabbler!

Here are a few lessons I learned from my Dad:

1. Take responsibility

I remember as a child (I was a little shit), I’d fallen out with some friends, and through spite, I damaged the wheel on their push bike by jumping on it.

My Dad took responsibility and didn’t get into a debate about who was right or wrong with the friend’s parents. He just fixed the bike wheel.

What a legend!

2. Be patient

My Dad was incredibly patient; I know I tested him a lot as a child and teenager.

My Dad had the patience of a saint, and that rubs off! I’m still learning, but it’s an incredible gift to develop.

What a legend!

3. Be calm

We had a joke in our family, and I’m sure many families have the same story.

“Don’t tell me to calm down.”

I’m a hot head (I’m still learning patience), and telling me to calm down never resulted in me or anyone else being calmed down.

However, remaining calm was a gift my Dad had mastered. Interestingly, when you’re calm, you respond to situations better.

A response is always better than a reaction!

What a legend!

My Dad has taught me hundreds of lessons, but I wanted to share these three with you.

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Before retirement, my Dad loved his job and, in his mind, didn’t consider it work.

So this week’s quote—

“Do what you love and love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Chat next week

Much love


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