If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Mannerisms that will help you win at life

You will often hear me say the more I understand about me, the better I understand everyone else and body language and mannegive gives away so many clues, you just need to understand what they actually represent.

Here is a list of common mannerisms that will help you get a better understanding of others as well as yourself.

When you feel:

Anticipation: Rubbing hands.

Boredom: Head tilted, legs crossed and foot kicking slightly.

Evaluating or Thinking: Hand to cheek.

Impatience: Drumming fingers or tapping.

Negative Evaluation: Pinching bridge of the nose or your eyes closed.

Interested: Quickly tilted head.

Rejection, Lying or Doubt: Slightly rubbing nose.

Making a Decision: Stroking chin.

Confidence: Sitting with hands clasped behind head

Disbelief or Doubt: Rubbing the eye

Indecision: Tugging or pulling at ear

Lack of self-confidence or insecurity: Fondling or Patting hair

Defensive: Arms crossed over chest

Obviously these are only benchmarks and not true in all situations, take for example the last statement, ‘Definsive’ Arms crossed on chest, you will need to read the situation, it maybe this is just a comfortable position for the person.

The best thing to do is learn more about yourself because essentially we are all the same, the more you understand about you, the better you will understand everyone else.

Give it a try the next time.

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