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Marketing 101 – Guide To Field Marketing

The purpose of field marketing is to build trust and rapport with the target market. The aim is to find out what makes them tick, what they need and how to make them want to buy your product.

What is Marketing?

Marketers promote and sell products and services to people. Keeping a business competitive and profitable is the goal of marketing. To market a business, it is necessary to generate interest in products or services, communicate the benefits of purchasing them, and persuade potential customers.

There are many ways to market a business. Companies use television and radio ads, billboards, street signs, direct mail and email campaigns (outbound marketing) to reach their customers and promote their products and services. Some companies will use word-of-mouth strategies to get people with high social capital to talk about their products.

There’s also inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a business strategy that attracts customers using content marketing, blogs, events, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, PPC, and valuable content tailored to your ideal customer profile.

Inbound marketing works because it helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers, helping them achieve their goals. It has significantly affected profit margins in various industries, so marketing is fundamental to any company.

Marketing is the process of conveying the value of a product or service to customers to encourage them to buy it. Marketers tell customers how your product will enhance their lives and why they need it.

What is Field Marketing?

Field marketing is a marketing tool that allows you to reach out to customers in person. It is also known as guerrilla, guerrilla marketing, offline marketing, and word-of-mouth advertising.

It can be defined as selling products or services to people without using traditional advertising channels such as TV commercials or online banner ads. 

This type of marketing includes personal selling and presentations in stores and at trade shows so that the sales professional can establish rapport with their target market before introducing them to your product or service.

Field Marketing has been used for decades for small business owners who cannot afford traditional advertising campaigns but need sales leads.

Wikipedia defines field marketing as:

“A traditional discipline in direct marketing, and it involves people distributing, auditing, selling or sampling promotions on the “field”. Field marketing is historically thought of as a one-way communication tool.”

What are the Benefits of Field Marketing?

Field marketing is a type of marketing that is done through personal contact rather than using traditional methods. It requires marketers to go out and meet their target audience face-to-face, usually in crowded places, such as convention centres or trade shows, or it can also be done online through social media.

The following are the top 8 benefits:

1) Connecting with customers.

2) Gathering customer insights.

3) Increasing brand awareness.

4) Finding untapped markets.

5) Improving customer service.

6) Reducing costs by integrating seamlessly into your production workflow.

8) Generating leads for other forms of advertising/marketing campaigns.

How to Plan Your Field Marketing Strategy

A company’s strategy is essential to establishing credibility with prospects and increasing brand awareness. However, companies must plan and think through their marketing strategies.

The steps in the process include:

  • Identifying key business objectives.
  • Finding potential customers and segmenting them.
  • Designing a sales funnel.
  • Picking out your target market and regional priorities.
  • Deciding on tactics and geographic targets.


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Top 5 Ways To Get More Customers With Your Field Marketing Campaign

Field marketing is a marketing technique during which companies meet potential customers in person instead of using a digital medium.

The top 5 ways to get more customers with a field marketing program are by offering something of value, being transparent about your company’s goals, creating an actionable sales funnel, understanding your audience’s needs and using customer referrals.

It is also an effective way for small businesses to grow their customer base. It allows them to connect with the people who are the most likely to buy from them.

Top 5 Ways to Get More Customers with a Field Marketing Program:

  • Effective communication
  • Engagement
  • Video Content Creation & Distribution
  • Promotional Items & Giveaways
  • Customer Appreciation Programs

How Start Using Field Marketing to Grow Your Business

It’s not easy for businesses to find ways to market themselves in the digital age. The traditional methods are expensive and time-consuming, but this type of marketing can often save them money while increasing their reach.

Field marketing refers to the direct marketing strategy of “going out into the field”, visiting customers in person or seeing them via teleconferencing.

This form of marketing allows companies to treat their clients like friends and provide excellent customer service while still making sales.

If you think that your company would benefit from field marketing, then there are several tactics that can help you get started:

  • Hire a field marketing agency
  • Make use of local social media groups
  • Partner with other companies that already use this type of marketing

Why Consider Field Marketing as an Opportunity

It’s not just an opportunity to get new customers; it also helps build emotional connections with the customers. It is essential to understand the customer’s wants and needs before developing a marketing strategy.

While this type of marketing can be time-consuming, it can be more profitable than other types of marketing.

It can also be an effective way of attracting new customers if you have a particular need that your target audience has. A clear understanding of what drives your target audience is essential to creating a successful strategy for your business.


Field Marketing is not just another form of marketing but rather a way to keep customers engaged throughout their lifecycle. This often requires face to face interactions with customers, which allows for more effective interactions with consumers who feel more open than before.

Lifecycle marketing

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