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Motivation comes from two places – Pain & Pleasure

Motivation comes from two places – Pain & Pleasure

Picture this, a warning symbol flickers on your car, but it keeps running; maybe that’s the run-flat tyre indicator, perhaps it’s the oil light or even the engine management symbol. 

However, the car still works perfectly fine, so you keep driving it. 

The next day the symbol is still there, but nothing seems to have changed to the driving ability.

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This could go on for days, sometimes months. 

Then all of a sudden, the car stops working! Now it’s time to take action, and the truth is, we are only motivated by two things and this motivation comes from:

1. Pain
2. Progress

Most people wait until something becomes painful before they take action and do something about it, like the car scenario mentioned above.

We wait until the car stops working and creates huge amounts of discomfort and pain in our lives before we take action and get motivated to do something about it.

The same applies to our life, our business and our career… We wait until our health creates a problem for us before we take action to change something. We wait until our relationship has a major speed bump (this could be a cheating partner or that one too many arguments) before we take action to fix it.

We wait until our business finances are in dire straits before we take action to spend more time selling and until we face that disciplinary action at work before realising something’s not working.

Realise everything has warning signals (Just like the car), we choose to ignore them, we wait, like the car scenario, until it becomes painful and forced to take action.

Start your motivation today

Pay more attention to the warning signals you get daily, don’t wait until things become painful to get motivated and take action. 

Get excited by the progress you get, celebrate the progress and use progress as your driving force to march forward.

When we see the road ahead, it’s often easy to give up early; only when we are challenged can we reach our full potential, so my question to you is…

‘Who’s your cheerleader, who’s pushing you?––let’s talk’ 

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