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In today’s newsletter, I’m talking about social media, specifically social selling, and how this can get you more leads.

By the end of this email, you will know how:

  • To never run out of ideas to create content again
  • Ways to get more attention from your ideal customers
  • A framework to create attention-grabbing posts

Are you ready?

Let’s go.

I want to ask you a question.

Do 257 likes, 191 comments, and 57 content shares mean you’ll get any business from your social media content?

Here’s the answer,

Maybe, but most likely NOT!

But it makes you feel good and tricks you into thinking what you’re posting works. 

Look, let’s be honest, everyone wants to create a viral piece of content every time they post, but remember this, it’s not about the likes; it’s about the leads that turn into paying customers.

Likes don’t pay the bills!

But creating content that deeply resonates with your audience and encourages them to take action is the type of content you want to create, and if it gets great engagement, too, that’s a bonus. 

So first, here’s a way to ensure you never run out of ideas for creating content ever again. 

Start with:

1. Topic

  • What will you post?
  • Be specific about what you will post.

Tip – You want a topic that connects with your ideal customers, and being vague, cute or clever won’t do that. 

If your topic is fitness, a topic could be nutrition. However, nutrition is very generic, whereas low-fat, high-protein diet plans for entrepreneurs who work more than 12hr days are specific and will resonate much better.

2. Experience

  • Your expert experience
  • Your personal experience
  • Someone else’s expert experience

Tip – Every post you create doesn’t have to be your own views. It can be curated content from other experts or your personal experience. 

3. Outcome

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Convert

Tip – Every post you create should have an outcome. You ultimately want it to lead to a sale, but if you post, ‘Hey, buy my product’, you’ll not do too well. 

Ask yourself when creating content, will this attract the type of audience who’s interested in my offering, will it support them in considering your offer, or will it help them to make a buying decision? 

4. Theme

  • Stats
  • Tools
  • How to
  • Quotes
  • Trends
  • Mistakes
  • Examples
  • Lessons learned

Tip – Pick a theme for your post. The theme could be the mistakes you’ve made, mistakes you see others making, quotes, how-to’s, lessons learned etc.

Then put this all together, and here’s an example of what you have:

[Topic= The AIDA framework. Experience= Expert experience. Outcome= Attract. Theme= How to]

Create your next piece of content using these four techniques: 

> 1. Topic > 2. Experience > 3. Outcome > 4. Theme

And your content will get more attention, and you’ll get more leads that turn into paying customers. 

See you next week

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