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This week, I share the 3 things that hold you back and what you can do to fix it… 

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of companies and thousands of people.

And I’d be foolish not to spot a few patterns during this time.

Here’s what I have found that keeps most businesses stuck!

1. Lead flow 

Consistent leads with your ideal customer profile that flow into your business every day.

2. Sales friction

Not closing the leads you get for fear of looking desperate, pushy or fear of rejection. 

3 Belief

I’ve seen so many businesses improve their business overnight by changing their mindset and the way they think.

Here are a few ways to fix these 3 problems:

1. Poor lead flow:

You’ve heard this a million times, I’m sure, but you’ve got to get clear on your target audience, often called ICP (Ideal customer profile).

If you don’t know who to target, you can’t find and connect with them daily. 

– A lead isn’t just an inbound activity. It’s any activity. 

– If someone likes your post, that’s a potential lead.

– If someone follows you online, that’s a potential lead.

– If someone views your profile on LinkedIn, that’s a potential lead

2. Sales Friction:

Seldom do people come to you asking for your help. 

It does happen, but not often, and you certainly can’t build a business hanging around waiting for someone to come to you and ask for your help. 

You have got to have conversations with 5-star buyers every day.

These are people who:

– Are open to talking with you

– Know what they are looking to achieve

– Know when they would like to achieve it

– Are friendly & who you’d like to work with

– Would like some help to get the things they want

5-star buyers remove much of the sales friction, and when you follow a proven selling script, you consult instead of sell. 

And they thank you for your help!


Ive discovered over the last 10 years that several things make sales and marketing challenging for a business. 

These are:

  1. Desperate – They don’t follow up with leads because they don’t want to look desperate. 
  2. Rejection – They are fearful of getting rejected, and it often feels like a personal rejection.
  3. Pushy – They don’t want to be rude and feel like they are backing someone into a corner. 
  4. Belief – They don’t really believe what they are doing and feel uncomfortable selling it.

Here’s the thing: you need to switch the way you feel about these statements. 

Instead of looking at desperation as something bad, look at it as something good. 

Say to yourself, I am desperate.

Desperate to help your business succeed. 

Realise that life is about rejections and the more comfortable you get at receiving rejections, the better life can be. 

Welcome rejections because it means you’re moving forward!

Instead of telling yourself you feel pushy, remind yourself that it’s easy to confuse passion for pushy. 

Ask yourself, If I can really help someone, then is it not my duty and obligation to help them?

And finally, belief.

• If you don’t believe in your product

• If you wouldn’t invest in the product yourself

Then why would you expect someone else to? 

The best way to believe in your product is to understand it.

Be clear about who it helps, how it helps them and why they want it.

When you get clarity about your offer, everything else becomes easier. 

How to Fix It

I want to help you with this, so on the 28th of November at 3pm GMT UK time, I am running a free online webinar – Register here. 

The webinar will break down the 3 things that keep most businesses stuck and how you can fix them before Christmas. 

Chat next week 

Jon “More Customers for Christmas” Covey

PS – During the Webinar, I will show you how to connect with 20 ideal contacts a day and get paying customers before Christmas – Register for The Webinar


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