If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Opportunity isn’t the problem…

As a business, life and sales coach I come across lots of issues, other people’s issue and company issues, but one that always seems to raise its ugly head is the lack of opportunity.

I hear it all the time, things like there is too much competition, or people are just not ready to commit, I can’t get through to the right person, or when I do they aren’t really that interested.

But first up let me share my experience, and what is happening in my world right now…

I have just purchased a new build, and I am looking for an extension, well more like an orangery. I also need to have some fence work carried out, and I also would really love some training for my dog.

Here’s whats happened so far:

I spoke with three builders, one came out and gave me a price, I said its too much money. He said ok, and I haven’t heard from him since, the second hasn’t come back to me, and the third hasn’t even booked in a visit to see the job (this is a month in the making as I write this post).

The fence work, one guy gave me a price and I said I’d let him know, he hasn’t come back to me since, the second fence guy, I’m still waiting to get a price from. (Again, a month in the making)

And finally the dog training, I called and left a voice mail, had one missed call returned and a text message. I have not heard from them since.

Here’s the thing, the OPPORTUNITY isn’t the problem, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

For the builders that haven’t come back to me, shame on you. I bet it’s these builders who’re complaining how bad the market is, how tough the competition is, and that there isn’t enough work or opportunity around.

To the builder who I said it’s too much, why hasn’t he given me options, rather than rolling over and saying ok, try and find additional solutions, try and solve my problem in different ways, find out what my budget was, and offer services that suit this.

The fence guys and the dog trainer… Just because I haven’t chased you, doesn’t mean I don’t want the job doing, and just because you tried to call me a few times and I haven’t responded doesn’t mean I’m any longer interested, in most cases, I’m probably not interested when you call, but I’m still interested.

Opportunity is not the problem, HUNGER is the problem!

People need to remain hungry, always be chasing, always be finding new work, always be following up. I understand that we all get busy, and we want to work through our current workflow, but this is the wrong way to go about it. Stay hungry, keep chasing, the work can always be done, people are always looking for more work, if you take on too much, farm some out, even if it’s to your competition.

Start thinking more like a bank, banks always stay hungry, they’re so hungry, they will even pay you to leave you current bank and come to them. Stay hungry!

You could put this down to inexperience, you could say it’s because they are scared to follow up, they don’t want to appear desperate, or just don’t want to be pushy.

But let me tell you exactly what happens unless you do all of the above, I’m going to keep looking, and I’ll only stop looking when someone takes control of me and makes me come round to their way of thinking. Until that moment, I’m still hunting!

Take control people, because if you don’t, someone else will.

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