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Outbound Sales Prospecting Made Simple

Outbound Sales Prospecting Made Simple

Outbound Sales involves sales reps reaching out to prospects. This is different from inbound sales, where it is the buyer that starts the conversation. 

On average, it may take up to eight trials to meet a prospect. So, if you want to meet your goals, you need to reach out with a regular sales cadence. 

A sales cadence is a series of outreach methods you can follow to better connect with prospects. This can take the form of emails, phone calls, or social media. 

The goal is to develop a relationship with potential customers and close deals. 

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Understanding Outbound Sales Prospecting 

You may have heard that outbound sales are a complete waste of time. We are here to tell you not to believe the hype. 

This strategy is very powerful in helping businesses to generate revenue. Instead of waiting for an ideal customer, you go out to them. If you need help finding your ideal customer, we have a course for that – find out more

This ensures you are in control of the sales process. Here are some things you can do to make Outbound Sales work for you:

#1. Know Your Target Audience

Who are you selling to? The answer to this question will help you determine your primary focus. 

If you have no idea of your target audience, your team will not contact the right people. This will cause you not to make significant sales. 

You can break your market into smaller sections. Then, tailor your approach to meet each sector and target their desires. 

#2. Lead Generation

This is the Hallmark of a good sales cadence or Outbound Sales. You can generate leads by making a list of prospects that fit your business. Next, try to find out their contact information. 

This will narrow down the kind of people your sales team needs to contact. With this information, hit the ground running by pitching to them immediately. 

An in-house lead generation team can handle this, or you can outsource it. 

#3. Outreach

This is the stage where your sales team takes action. They make the first contact with the leads you have generated. 

They can do this by email, phone, or other means of communication. From this interaction, you can determine if these leads will buy your products or not. 

If you find qualified prospects, you can proceed to the next stage. Where they are not qualified, remove them from your list. 

#4. Close The Deal 

After you have shown your prospect the benefits of your product, sign them. Once you close this deal, your business has made a sale. 

In that case, the work of your sales team is complete. You can then assess the level of success and how many prospects you closed. 

This is the last stage of the Outbound Sales process. 


A good outbound sales strategy is a lot of work. It needs a clear plan, information, and the right tools to work. 

Yet, when you follow the right steps, you will get a successful sales outreach. Everything you need to understand outbound sales prospecting is in this article. 

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