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Outreach Messaging [With Examples] That Gets More Meetings

I decided to create the very first Thrive 5-day challenge, aptly named ‘5-days To Thrive’, which started on the 11th of January 2021. I had been considering this idea for around two years, but never felt the timing was right.

What is a 5-day challenge?

Each day, from within an exclusive private group, you’re given a challenge, one that will stretch you and encourage you to do something that helps you, your business and your sales grow.

Each day you check in with your progress, and we coach you through the findings, helping you get better at each challenge.

One of the things we teach in the challenge is part of our Define The Landscape™ & Filling The Funnel™ program, which helps to clarify your target audience and create the right messaging framework to grab their attention.

As I write this, the challenge is on the final day, and the results are out of this world. Meetings are being arranged, and response rates have gone through the roof.

Confidence levels peaking, and the whole community is thriving, a real success story!

But why has this happened?

Following a proven framework. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less, just a good, solid, proven framework!

Everyone is fighting for attention, so you need to not only get creative in your outreach, but you have to care genuinely. Care about the problems, care about the results, and care more about them than you do about winning their business.

When crafting outreach messaging, I ensure it follows three stages:

1. It’s personal
2. It’s relevant
3. It’s timely

If you can get these three things right, you will build a very healthy pipeline. And a healthy pipeline will solve pretty much any challenge you face.

Creating a highly personalised opening statement in your outreach messaging will snap most people out of their usual behaviour patterns, enough to get them to read your message.

An excellent example of this is to reference something they have posted, or an article/blog/vlog they recently shared. (Don’t be a douche, if you reference it, ensure you have read/watched it).

The next thing is to ensure it’s relevant to them, you and the thing you’re referencing. Don’t say –

‘Jon, I enjoyed reading your latest blog [ADD BLOG TITLE HERE],
by the way, I’m building passive income from this global blah blah blah…’

DO say something that connects to your next statement and make it relevant. Suppose the blog is about how DISC is improving sales rep’s conversion, and you have software that helps salespeople.

You should say,

‘Jon, I enjoyed reading your latest blog [ADD BLOG TITLE HERE], I found the DISC for sales development fascinating. We at [ADD COMPANY NAME] are huge fans of DISC and built much of the DISC benefits into our software.

Speaking with other companies like yours [ADD INDUSTRY] [ADD CLIENTS NAME IF HIGH PROFILE], some of the challenges they inform us are [ADD KNOWN CHALLENGE] and our software has been helping them increase sales by 37%.

I would love to chat with you further about this, are you free [ADD DAY & TIME]

Speak soon

The reason this works is that it hits all three critical points of a good outreach message, it’s highly personalised, it’s relevant, and it’s timely.

Put it to the test, try spending that extra few minutes reading what your prospects share, and identifying genuine ways to help them. And then craft a beautifully put-together outreach message and watch how your response rates and meetings soar.

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