If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.


The brain is a problem-solving machine, if you give it a problem it will work tirelessly to find a solution. The better quality the question, the better quality the answer/solution it will present you with.

But remember that your head is not there to make you happy, its purely there to keep you safe, only its no longer looking for tigers behind trees, instead it’s looking at every other kind of threat in this modern world.

The amount of information we process on a daily basis is insane, just during our leisure time, not counting work, each of us processes approx 34 gigabytes or 100,000 words every day, this is equivalent to 175 newspapers.

From all this data the brain is looking for danger and trying to find a solution to keep you safe, and here’s where the real danger flips in. When you’re bored, when you have nothing to do, when your diary is empty, the brain is still looking, it’s still searching for problems to find.

And if it can’t find any, it will start to create them!

Overthinking is linked to underdoing, when you have spare time the head flips in and starts to take over, looking for problems and creating them if it can’t find them.

Whenever you get in your head, you’re going to struggle, your head will not let you enjoy the moment, because it’s looking for danger, it analyses everything. If you’re about to sit down to a romantic meal, the head will question the calories, the fat content, is this going to my belly or hips.

You need to control the head because while its there to protect you when you get in your head, you’re dead! Learn to think with the heart, follow your heart.

Research has shown that the first recognisable traces of the heart are present by day 18; the first traces of the brain don’t show up until late in the fourth week. The first functioning organ in a developing embryo is the heart.

When you lead from the heart you lead from your true source, the heart has its own nervous system and because of this you could live without a brain, but you couldn’t live without a heart.

The clues are there, learn to listen to your heart, its your life force, it’s your source, its a gift, accept it.

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