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Piecing The Sales Puzzle Together For Small Service-Based Businesses

Getting crystal clear about your niche is vital


In today’s #TogetherWeThrive​ podcast episode, Jon speaks with Elaine Atherton, a sales coach and podcaster who grew her direct sales business from an investment of £130 to £4,000,000.

Elaine says there is so much more to a sale than the final transaction, and with so many pieces to put together, it’s not always easy to see––that’s where she helps.


Key Takeaway:

Getting crystal clear about your niche is vital. Know your ideal customer profiles and the evolving role of a salesperson.


Show Notes:
0:50 The minefield of a start-up business
2:59 Why we tolerate terrible service
5:34 Finding your niche and why its vital to sales success
10:58 Swimming in information but starving for wisdom
14:13 Why you shouldn’t use all the social media channels
20:38 The superpower of great salespeople = Curiosity
31:14 The evolving role of a salesperson
41:10 Being organised is vital in a modern selling
46:16 Getting clarity over your ideal customer profile
52:45 Find out more about Elaine

Find out more about Elaine Here
Connect with Elaine on Linkedin


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