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Sales Triggers That Will Help You Convert More Leads

Sales Triggers That Will Help You Convert More Leads

Are you using sales triggers? And if so, are you using them effectively? 

Want to find out, then read on and you will find out how to search for sales triggers, how to spot them and when and how to use them.

What Is A Sales Trigger?

Sales triggers, also known as marketing triggers, can be defined as a specific event that takes place, which can create an opening for you to contact a prospect.

These triggers can be used not only on new contacts but also produce an opportunity to bring some oxygen back into old prospects that have gone cold. With the use of modern technology and ample research time, you can ramp up your targeted leads, and convert them easier. 

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Trigger #1 – Celebrating Success

Success could be industry awards, the achievement of milestones or any other form of recognition that your prospect receives. Getting in touch and congratulating them is a great way to start building rapport, but don’t jump in with the hard sell.

Trigger #2 – Changing Job Role

So that whale that you have been nurturing has just appointed a new executive, this represents an excellent opportunity to make your move.

Chances are this newly appointed executive will want to make a significant impact, and is less likely to be held back by corporate baggage initially.

Do you research on them, their background and find out what’s important to them, the new role and how best to grab their attention. 

Trigger #3 – Company Expansion or Merger

When a company grows, merges or moves location, this often represents an excellent opportunity to reach out. An expansion, merger, acquisition or relocation may mean that you can extend your services to the new parts of the business.

Doing some additional research will help you to establish the best way you can reach out and find ways to help solve new issues and challenges.

Trigger #4 – Conferences and Events

As of writing this article, COVID-19 wiped out much of the events industries exhibitions. However, most also adapted quickly and moved online, offering virtual events. 

Can you find a way to show your presence, be supportive or use the event to promote your product or services?

Trigger #5 – New Legislation

Legislation often changes, and with this change comes new opportunities, often business processes will need to adapt, remember the changes that occurred due to the GDPR changes.

These challenges offer the perfect opportunity for you to show up and demonstrate how your solution can help with any difficulties created by the new legislation.

Trigger #6 – New Funding

A clear sales signal is when a company have successfully raised a round of funding, this could be grants, investment or charitable contributions, and what better way to use that newly secured money than with you.

This proves to be a great signal should budgets have presented a barrier previously. Reach out, be confident and clearly demonstrate how you can help them reach their goals and solve their challenges. 

How do you discover these sales triggers?

The success of your outreach will be linked to how well you track the sales triggers, and while this does take additional effort, the results are more than worth it. 

Using modern technology, you can easily monitor these sales triggers, and be alerted should they happen.

  • Are you using Google alerts? You should be. Set up alerts about your prospects and their industry.
  • Sign-up for your prospects newsletters and let them tell you when the triggers happen.
  • Set up job alerts on LinkedIn, and be notified when a role is about to change.

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