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Seasonal Lag Time – Is It The Season for business?

Business, like life, runs in cycles, the cycles we see each year are Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter.

The question to ask yourself is what season is your business currently in?
One of the most significant issues many business owners face is they continuously try and reap before they have sowed, or ruin the crop (so to speak) before it has had time to flourish.

So what season are you in right now?

Spring. This season is all about potential, creation, the new. Planting the seeds for things to come.

Summer. Things start to happen, but you got to be extra careful to protect the crop, things get hot in the summer.

Autumn. This hopefully will be the season to reap, to gather your reward for the hard work in spring and summer.

Winter. Is a time to reflect, adjust and prepare for the new season to begin.

Unfortunately most don’t get to Autumn because they try and reap while still in Springtime, or they get to Summer and reap too hard before the seed has had time to really develop, so by the time Autumn and Winter arrive the have nothing left to nurture and begin the cycle again, thus the same cycle occurs.

You need to appreciate that like the seasons you have Lag Time, and things don’t happen immediately, they take time, the next season always follows but sometimes each season may last a little longer than anticipated.

They say patience is a virtue, and building a business or an extraordinary life takes time, you need to nurture it daily, plant the seed, protect it from the elements and reap when the time is right.

Start today, discover what season your business is in and plan accordingly.

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