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Selling The Right Sales Solution To The Wrong Person, Will Create Frustration

Selling The Right Sales Solution To The Wrong Person, Will Create Frustration

Are you dealing with power?

Much of the time a deal loses energy not because the product/service or the right sales solution doesn’t provide a good fit, deals lose energy because you’re speaking with the wrong person.

You’re not speaking with power!

Once you have established that you’re speaking with power, it’s vital to recognise what’s important to them. Those who sit above the power line will not be motivated to solve the same type of problems as those who sit below the power line.

What is the powerline?

Below the powerline is the management team and includes people such as:

  • Marketing manager
  • Sales manager
  • HR Manager
  • Etc

People who sit below the powerline will have entirely different goals and challenges than those who sit above the powerline. People above the powerline are often:

  • Marketing director
  • Sales director
  • HR director
  • Etc

Below the powerline, the focus is more often than not on the hear and now, things such as the challenges that stop them from hitting their targets. Or, the tools required for the team to grow the business.

Whereas above the powerline, the focus is on the future, what’s their vision for the next 12 months, three years etc

In short, above the powerline is mostly goal-oriented while below the powerline is mostly problem-oriented.

Knowing where your prospect sits helps you customise your value proposition accordingly, therefore increasing the likelihood of winning their business.

So if you want to ensure your future Sales solutions keep plenty of oxygen in them, the first step is to ensure that you’re dealing with the right person, and the value proposition you give is relevant to them.

In our sales training, we help you understand how to identify where your prospect sits on the powerline and the best approach you should take to engage them, come across as relevant to them, and sell better.

Our sales training, be that on-site, online, or remotely delivered is provided with a reinforcement plan to ensure the highest level of success from your training and that the content trained is being retained.

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