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Software That Will Run Your Business On Autopilot

Software That Will Run Your Business On Autopilot

Running your business has never been easier, and while market conditions and environmental challenges may prove to be challenging, using software can really help a business to thrive.

I want to run you through what I believe is the tech fundamentals to successfully running your business, the software that can help you to automate as much as possible, or make it much easier. 

First up…

1. Generate Leads: 

Leads are the lifeblood of your business, and without them, you will quickly run dry. Here’s my list of tech that I believe will help you generate a constant supply of new leads. 

  1. Website – I recommend WordPress (See my previous blog for website platforms).
  2. Landing Page (A well-written sales pages, designed to capture the lead).
  3. Lead-magnets (This is what your lead will exchange thair details for – read more about lead-magnets here).
  4. Webinar (A great way to show how you help – register for my webinar here and see how).
  5. Traffic (you need the traffic to get all these things working. i.e. Social posts, paid traffic, SEO etc.).

2. Follow-Up:

The old adage says that ‘The money is in the follow-up’, and let me tell you this, nothing will produce the level of results you will achieve from learning to follow-up effectively. (You can learn more about follow-up here).

Tools For Follow-Up:

  1. Hubspot – One of the first things I look at when mentoring, is are they use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software), and I haven’t found any that’s as good as Hubspot.
  2. ESP – Email Service Provider, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Mailerlite. Something that allows you to email your contacts and nurture them through to a sale.

3. Scheduling Tools:

Cutting down the back and forth in email time will reduce stress, confusion and make life so much easier. Using software that integrates with your calendar and allows you to send a link to your contact or prospect, and will enable them to book a time to speak or meet with you at their convenience saving you hours each month.

Tools To Use: 

  1. Calendly – It offers both a paid and free version, the free has some limits but is an excellent place to start. Set your availability, hook it up to your preferred calendar and then send out the link to your prospects or clients and let them book a time that works for both of you.
  2. Hubspot Meetings – A free tool offered as part of Hubspot’s CRM, you can create a booking link and like Calendly, hook it up to your calendar and send the link for your clients or prospect to book time with you.

4. Managing Data:

Data is the new gold, and when used correctly, can assist you greatly in your business. Knowing important dates, past conversations and buying habits is vital if you want your business to thrive.

Tools To Use:

  1. Hubspot – This really does everything, send emails, track notes, get notified when emails are opened and manage your sales pipeline. 
  2. ActiveCampaign – A powerful marketing automation platform and CRM that gives you the ability to run automated email campaigns.
  3. Google Keep – Think of this like an online pinboard where you can keep notes and links to favourite websites.
  4. Asana – Create boards, and fill the boards with data; this can be to-do lists, work in progress or client projects. Big fan of this!

This is just a small selection of the tech that I use to assist me with the smooth running of my business, by letting software handle some of the time demanding jobs, it gives me more time to work on my business, and do the things I enjoy. 

What I’m Looking At Right Now:

  1. Planable – Social media scheduling tool that allows you to create an archive of saved posts that can be used and scheduled to a specific day. Also, it can require approval from you or a client before the post is published, great for agencies and their clients. 
  2. Zubtitle – Most videos are watched in silence on social media, Zubtitle adds subtitles to your videos and is pretty accurate at taking your words and transcribing them, even if you have a strong Yorkshire Accent (Not that I think I have a strong Yorkshire accent, but I’ll let you tell me if I do in the comments).

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